Conference Program





MOCAST 2024 Program at a glance












Session A1: VLSI electronics and devices


Session B1: Systems and simulations



Coffee Break



Plenary Speech 1 :  Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg University,

Aalborg, Denmark



Lunch Break



Plenary Speech 2 :  Hristo Hristov, Melexis Bulgaria



Coffee Break & Poster Session



Poster Session 1 : Practical electronics and computing devices



Special Session A2 : Smart Sensors and Sensor Networks












Session A3 : Nonlinear circuits and systems


Session B3 : Applications and power management



Coffee Break



Plenary Speech 3 : Prof. Ilia Valov, Peter Grünberg Institute,Jülich, Germany



Lunch Break



Plenary Speech 4 :  Lukáš Hatala, Neuromorphics Europe



Coffee Break & Poster Session



Session A4: ML Applications in Communications & Electronics


Session B4: Machine learning and Neural Networks



Poster Session 2 : Artificial Intelligence applications



Conference Dinner



(Vitosha Park Hotel Restaurant)









Session A5: Accelerators and optimized circuits


Session B5: Electronics with specific non-standard

use case requirements



Coffee Break



Plenary Speech 5 :  Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff,

Institute of Circuits and Systems,TU Dresden, Germany



Plenary Speech 6 : Vasil Kostadinov,  Visteon Bulgaria



Lunch Break



Special Session A6: Latest Theoretico-Experimental Achievements in

Memristor Device Circuit and System Research



Coffee Break & Poster Session



Poster Session 3 : Energy efficiency and power electronics



Awards – Closing Ceremony









Session A1 (WED 09:30-11:00)      VLSI electronics and devices

Chairs: Xun Chen, Muh-Dey Wei

Xun Chen, Muh-Dey Wei and Renato Negra

A 205-GHz Low-Power-Consumption Amplifier Biased in Soft-Saturation Region with Embedded MOM Capacitors in SiGe BiCMOS

Lukas Hüssen, Xun Chen, Muh-Dey Wei, Renato Negra, Arka Dipta Das, Andrea Zazzi and Jeremy Witzens

A DC to 5.8 GHz CMOS Variable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier for Photonic Neuromorphic Hardware

Ali Meimandi, Gian Luca Barbruni and Sandro Carrara

A 69 μm2 Sub-nW/kHz Capacitor-less Ring Oscillator for Ultra-Miniaturized Implants

Ioannis Dimitrios Psycharis, Vasileios Tsourtis and Grigorios Kalivas

A 30 GHz Class-C switchless dual-band two core  VCO in 40-nm CMOS

Nikolaos P. Eleftheriou, Vassilis Alimisis and Paul P. Sotiriadis

Low-Power Single-Stage Programmable CMOS LNA for Ku-Band Applications


Session B1 (WED 09:30-11:00)      Systems and simulations

Chairs: Thilo Pionteck, Nikolay Hinov

Mohamed Hosam, Sherif Abdelhaleem, Salwa Abd-El-Hafiz and Ahmed Radwan

Novel Fast Prediction Algorithm for Advanced and High Efficiency Video Coding

Stoyan Kirilov and Valeri Mladenov

A Simple LTSPICE Memristor Neuron with a Modified Transfer Function

Dimitris Asimopoulos, Ilias Siniosoglou, Vasileios Argyriou, Thomai Karamitsou, Eleftherios Fountoukidis, Sotirios Goudos, Ioannis Moscholios, Konstantinos Psannis and Panagiotis Sarigiannidis

Benchmarking Advanced Text Anonymisation Methods: A Comparative Study on Novel and Traditional Approaches

Max Tzschoppe, Daniele Passaretti, Amir Najafi, Sebastian Fischer, Martin Wilhelm, Alberto Garcia-Ortiz and Thilo Pionteck

Impact of wave pipelining on NoCs for heterogeneous monolithic 3D SoCs

Dimitar Ginchev and Stefan Stavrev

Simulation of an Optical Instrument in M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank Using Unreal Engine


Poster Session 1 (WED 15:30-16:30)      Practical electronics and computing devices

Technical Chair: Georgi Tsenov

Charalampos Marantos, Sotirios Kokosis, Michail Vakis, Konstantinos Gounaridis, Mattheos Papavasiliou and Dimitrios Soudris

Empowering Accessibility: A Hybrid Bluetooth-based Approach for Indoor Navigation

Konstantinos Tatas, Christos Markides, Victoras Kassianides and Nicos Hadjisofokli

Artemis: IoT-based Shooting Range Management System

Nikolaos Chatzilabrou, Kyriakos Koritsoglou, Aikaterini Griva, Vassilios D. Vassios, Kyriakos Tsiakmakis, Achilles Boursianis, Argyrios T. Hatzopoulos, Sotirios Goudos and Maria S. Papadopoulou

Web-based Monitoring of Refrigerator Units using Microcontroller

Georgios-Panagiotis Kousiopoulos and Spyridon Nikolaidis

Performance Evaluation of Different Finite State Machines Implementations

Konstantinos Tsampiras, Anastasios Liontos and Vasileios Tenentes

Evaluating Trusted Firmware Remote Attestation on ARM and RISC-V Edge Computing Prototypes

Stylianos Katsoulis, Ioannis Christakis and Grigorios Koulouras

Energy-Efficient Data Acquisition and Control System using both LoRaWAN and Wi-Fi Communication for Smart Classrooms

Lydia Bush-Espinosa, Carol de Benito, Stavros Stavrinides, Rodrigo Picos and Leon O. Chua

Modelling Thermal Crosstalk on Temperature Driven Memristors

George Antoniou and Constantine Coutras

On the conventional 5D lattice FIR digital filter

Ioannis Bougas, Maria S. Papadopoulou, Achilles Boursianis, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Spyridon Nikolaidis and Sotirios Goudos

Energy Harvesting & Autonomous Energy Systems: A proposal for RF Energy Harvesting

Ioannis Rizos, Georgios Papatheodorou and Aristides Efthymiou

Exploring the design space of 32x32 Approximate Reduced Complexity Wallace Multipliers

Yanlu Wang, Muh-Dey Wei and Renato Negra

16.8Gbps Fully-Differential Pseudorandom Bit Sequence Generator Exploiting Asynchronous XOR Gate with an FOM of 1.1pJ/bit on 65-nm CMOS

Aikaterini Griva, Achilles Boursianis, Stavros Koulouridis, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, George Karagiannidis and Sotirios Goudos

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: A Brief Review on Design Specifications

Georgios Korompilis, Achilles D. Boursianis, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Zaharias D. Zaharis, Sotirios K. Goudos and Katherine Siakavara

Ultra-Wideband Antenna Design for RF Energy Harvesting Applications Using the Bald Eagle Algorithm



Special Session A2   (WED 16:30-18:00)

Smart Sensors and Sensor Networks

Chairs: Sandro Carrara, Ali Meimandi

Dimitris Uzunidis, Panagiotis Kasnesis, Fotios Papadopoulos, Efstratios Paliodimos, Charalampos Patrikakis and Stelios Mitilineos

Breathing Rate Estimation Behind Walls Exploiting a UWB Radar Sensor

M Sabrigiraj, K Manoharan and Nikos Mastorakis

Wide Sense Nonblocking Multicast in WDM Optical Binary Tree

Efstratios N. Paliodimos, Fotios G. Papadopoulos, Dimitris Uzunidis, Charalampos Z. Patrikakis and Stelios A. Mitilineos

A UWB radar and Machine Learning-based tool for detecting victims through foliage in search and rescue operations

Athanasios Liatifis, Charis Eleftheriadis, Zisis Batzos, Ioannis Nanos, Thomas Lagkas, Sotirios Goudos, Vasileios Argyriou, Konstantinos E. Psannis, Ioannis D. Moscholios and Panagiotis Sarigiannidis

SiHoneypot: a Digital Twin-based honeypot for Autonomous Vehicles

Georgi Tsenov, Stylian Georgiev, Stanimir Andonov and Valeri Mladenov

Wearable device for pulse, oximetry and galvanic skin response recordings for neuromarketing


Session A3   (THU 9:30-11:00)      Nonlinear circuits and systems

Chairs: Nikolaos Athanasios Anagnostopoulos, Christos Volos

Stoyan Kirilov

A Simple Memristor Model for Memory Devices

Nikolaos Athanasios Anagnostopoulos, Aleena Elsa George, Nico Mexis, Tolga Arul, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Rodrigo Picos and Stavros Stavrinides

The Synchronisation Is the Message: Real-World Encrypted Communication Based on Synchronised Chaotic Circuits Without Using a Dedicated Synchronisation Line

Lazaros Laskaridis, Christos Volos and Ioannis Stouboulos

Analysis of a 4th-order Autonomous Chaotic Circuit with an Active Memristive Diode Bridge

Mirjana Kocaleva Vitanova, Zoran Zlatev and Nikolay Hinov

Boost and Buck DC-DC Converters - Prediction of The Output

Dimitrios Soumis and Nikolaos Tselikas

Serious Game for Hand Therapy Assessment


Session B3   (THU 9:30-11:00)      Applications and power management

Chairs: Mohamad Moner Al Chawa, Lenian He

Linxin Jiang, Zhongbo Han, Lenian He and Jianxiong Xi

A Low Cross Regulation Single-Inductor Multi-Output DCDC Converter

Stefano Sanvito, Marco Passoni and Gianluca Traversi

Impact of resonance frequency spread on beam pattern of a Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer array

Angeliki Zibidi, Eleftherios Mylonas, Nikolaos Tzanis, Michael Birbas and Alexios Birbas

Efficient FPGA Architecture for Transient State Estimation in Smart Grid Applications

Mohamad Moner Al Chawa, Daniel Bedau, James W Reiner, Derek Stewart, Michael Grobis and Ronald Tetzlaff

A Compact Delay Model for OTS Devices


Session A4   (THU 15:30-17:00)      ML Applications in Communications & Electronics

Chairs: George Tsoulos, Theodoros Kaifas

Vasiliki Koutsioumpa, Nikos Mitsiou, Sotiris Tegos, Panagiotis Diamantoulakis, Thomas Lagkas, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis and George Karagiannidis

Network Slicing for eMBB and mMTC with Finite Blocklength Codes

Theodoros Kaifas, Dimitrios Babas and John Sahalos

Direct Radiating Arrays assembled by Optimum Placement of Overlapped Radiators

Georgia Athanasiadou, George Tsoulos, Dimitra Zarbouti, George Nikitopoulos, Vassilios Tsoulos and Nikos Christopoulos

Field Trials of Modern Cellular Networks in Diverse Operational Environments

Anestis Apostolidis, Stamatios Amanatiadis and Nikolaos Kantartzis

Genetic Algorithm-Oriented Optimization of Metasurface Designs for Polarization Control in 5G Applications

Theodoros Kaifas and John Sahalos

Antennas near an Elliptic Cone


Session B4   (THU 15:30-17:00)      Machine learning and Neural Networks

Chairs: Giuseppe Grassi, Alberto Garcia-Ortiz

Viet-Thanh Pham, Fernando E. Serrano, Giuseppe Grassi, Shaher Momani and Christos Volos

Dynamics and Synchronization of a Neuron Model with Spiking Patterns

Vassilis Alimisis, Andreas Papathanasiou, Konstantinos Cheliotis, Nikolaos P. Eleftheriou and Paul Sotiriadis

An Analog Classifier for Liver Disorders based on Centroid Machine Learning Model

Sergio Alejandro Rosales Vargas and Alberto Garcia-Ortiz

Effect of Single Event Transient Errors on Convolutional Neural Networks for Space Applications

Stavros Piperakis, Maria Papatsimouli, Vasilis Argyriou, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis and George Fragulis

SignTrack: Advancements in Real-Time Sign Language Processing for Inclusive Computing with optimized AI

Fabian Stuckmann and Guillermo Payá Vayá

A Graph Neural Network Approach to Improve List Scheduling Heuristics under Register Pressure


Poster Session 2      (THU 17:00-18:00)      Artificial Intelligence applications

Technical Chair: Georgi Tsenov

Constantinos Mylonakis, Pantelis Velanas, Pavlos Lazaridis, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis, Sotirios Goudos and Zaharias Zaharis

3D Direction of Arrival Estimation: An Innovative Deep Neural Network Approach

Rodrigue Bogne Tchema, Marios Nestoros and Anastasis C. Polycarpou

Computer-Aided Classification of Skin Cancer based on the YOLO Algorithm

Konstantinos-Iraklis Kokkinidis and Aristeidis Chatzipoulidis

AI-Driven Risk Management: Exploring Machine Learning Techniques and Privacy Challenges in Smart Cities

Stylianos Eleftheriadis, Georgios Margaritis, Charalampos S. Kouzinopoulos, Dimosthenis Ioannidis and Dimitrios Tzovaras

An Embedded System for the Predictive Maintenance of Aerobic Digesters with Liquid Outputs

Vassilis Alimisis, Andreas Papathanasiou, Konstantinos Cheliotis, Nikolaos P. Eleftheriou and Paul P. Sotiriadis

A Memristor-Equivalent Analog Integrated Neural Network for Air Quality Classification

Rahul Priyadarshi, Raj Vikram, Dr Zekun Huang, Dr Tiansheng Yang and Dr Rajkumar Singh Rathore

Multi-Objective Optimization for Coverage and Connectivity in Wireless Sensor Networks

Lazaros Alexios Iliadis, Sotirios Sotiroudis, George Vergos, Paraskevi Kritopoulou, Achilleas Papatheodorou, Achilles Boursianis, Kostas Kokkinidis, Maria S. Papadopoulou, Panagiotis Sarigiannidis and Sotirios Goudos

Fetal Images Trophectoderm Score Prediction using Deep Learning Methodologies

Shreyan Banerjee, Aasifa Rounak and Vikram Pakrashi

Control of an Under-actuated Cartpole with an Evolving Neural Topology using Synaptic Bellman Equation

Takahiro Natori, Kentaro Fujii, Yuka Kawatsu, Hisashi Nabenishi and Naoyuki Aikawa

Study on non-invasive blood glucose monitoring methods for Japanese Black cattle

David Chatzichristodoulou, Photos Vryonides, Symeon Nikolaou, Dimitra-Danai Varsou, Maria Antoniou, Dimitris Mintis and Antreas Afantitis

Polarization Converter Metasurface using Machine Learning Methods for Bandwidth Enhancement


Dimitrios Kampelopoulos, Lazaros Moysis, Konstantinos Karasavvidis, Achilles D. Boursianis, Sotirios K. Goudos and Spyridon Nikolaidis


Byzantine Hymn Recognition with Audio Fingerprints Resistant to Noise, Tempo and Scale Changes

Vicente Ramirez, Jose Cayo and Ioannis Vourkas

An Advanced Memory WRITE Algorithm to Mitigate the Effects of ReRAM Cell Variability



Session A5    (FRI 9:00-10:30)     Accelerators and optimized circuits

Chairs: Ahmed Radwan, Daniele Rossi

Bishoy Sharobim, Salwa Abd-El-Hafiz, Ahmed Radwan and Heba Aslan

A (k,n)-Secret Image Sharing With Steganography Using Generalized Tent Map

Raphael Fortulan, Noushin Raeisi Kheirabadi, Alexei Antipov, Carsten Jost, Alessandro Chiolerio and Andrew Adamatzky

Implementing Logic Operations in Gold Nanoparticles Colloidal Suspensions

Fatiha Beladam, Abdelaziz Lazzaz, Khaled Bousbahi and Mustapha Ghamnia

Impact of the interior dielectric constant on the performance of CNTFET 10 nm

Aleena Elsa George, Emiliia Geloczi, Nico Mexis, Tolga Arul, Stefan Katzenbeisser, Stavros Stavrinides, Rodrigo Picos and Nikolaos Athanasios Anagnostopoulos

Real-World Secure Communication Based on Synchronised Lorenz Chaotic Circuits

Vasileios Tenentes, Stefano Di Matteo, Christos Zonios, Daniele Rossi and Sergio Saponara

RTL Flow for the Power Side-Channel Resilience Assessment of a Post-quantum SHA-3 Accelerator











Session B5   (FRI 9:00-10:30)     Electronics with specific non-standard

                                                      use case requirements

Chairs: Nicolas Sklavos, Spyridon Nikolaidis

Vasiliki Gogolou, Thomas Noulis and Vasilis Pavlidis

CMOS Charge Pump Design for Minimal Silicon Footprint

Kyriaki Tsantikidou and Nicolas Sklavos

A Compact Pipelined Architecture of Chaotic Logistic Map for e-Health Applications

Giovanni Mazza, Lorenzo Piccolo, Luca Antognini, Saba Aziz, Aishah Bashiri, Lucio Calcagnile, Daniela Calvo, Domenico Caputo, Anna Paola Caricato, Roberto Catalano, Roberto Cirio, Giuseppe Antonio Pablo Cirrone, Tommaso Croci, Giacomo Cuttone, Gianpiero De Cesare, Paolo De Remigis, Sylvain Dunand, Michele Fabi, Luca Frontini, Catia Grimani, Mariacristina Guarrera, Maria Ionica, Keida Kanxheri, Matthew Large, Francesca Lenta, Valentino Liberali, Nicola Lovecchio, Maurizio Martino, Giuseppe Maruccio, Mauro Menichelli, Anna Grazia Monteduro, Arianna Morozzi, Francesco Moscatelli, Augusto Nascetti, Stefania Pallotta, Daniele Passeri, Maddalena Pedio, Marco Petasecca, Giada Petringa, Francesca Peverini, Pisana Placidi, Gianluca Quarta, Silvia Rizzato, Federico Sabbatini, Leonello Servoli, Alberto Stabile, Cinzia Talamonti, Jonathan Emanuel Thomet, Luca Tosti, Mattia Villani, Richard James Wheadon, Nicolas Wyrsch and Nicola Zema

A Front-End Circuit in 28 nm CMOS for Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Detectors in Clinical Dosimetry

Kalliniki Vasilikou, Vasiliki Gogolou and Thomas Noulis

Radiation-Hardened Cells for Analog Design: Comprehensive Review and Design Flow

Ioannis Sofianidis, Vasileios Konstantakos and Spyridon Nikolaidis

Energy Consumption Aspects on Embedded System for IoT Applications


Special Session A6   (FRI 14:00-15:30)

Latest Theoretico-Experimental Achievements in

Memristor Device Circuit and System Research

Chairs: Alon Ascoli, Valeri Mladenov

Ioannis Messaris, Alon Ascoli, Ahmet Samil Demirkol, Vasileios Ntinas, Dimitrios Prousalis, Nicolas Schmitt and Ronald Tetzlaff

Frequency Dependent Bistability in a Volatile Threshold Switch

Angela Slavova and Ventsislav Ignatov

Memristive cellular nonlinear network model with hysteresis switch in the feedback system

Richard Schroedter, Adnan Haidar and Ronald Tetzlaff

Fault Impact Map for Memristive Crossbar Neural Networks

Alon Ascoli, Fernando Corinto, Nicolas Schmitt, Ahmet Samil Demirkol, Ioannis Messaris, Ronald Tetzlaff, John Paul Strachan and Marco Gilli

An Analytical Method to Induce a Multistable Periodic Response to Pulse Trains in a ReRAM Cell

Lijie Xie, Peilong Feng, Andrea Mifsud, Amir Nassibi and Christos Papavassiliou

A Variation-Aware CMOS Platform for Multi-Level Memristor Characterisation


Poster Session 3     (FRI 16:00-17:00)      Energy efficiency and power electronics

Technical Chair: Georgi Tsenov

Heung-Gyoon Ryu

OCDM System Design by iDFT Transform and 2 Phase Controllers for 6G Wireless Waveform

Alireza Mafi, Gian Luca Barbruni, Ata Golparvar and Sandro Carrara

Enhancing Prostate Cancer Diagnosis with In-Memory Sensing and Edge Computing of Percent-free PSA Index

Nicos Ioannou, Constantinos Tatas, Andreas Constantinides and Costas Kyriacou

WIDE: Worksheet Integrated Development Environment for Arduino-based Embedded System Design

Adriano Lopes Pata, Amir Najafi, Sebastian Fischer and Alberto Garcia-Ortiz

Analysis and optimization of delay-power for links in heterogeneous monolithic 3D NoCs

Eugene Snopok, Alla Levina and Nicolas Sklavos

On the Efficiency of Adding Redundancy in Disk Arrays, Using Nonlinear Codes

Nikolaos Nikisanlis, Argyrios T. Hatzopoulos, Vassilios D. Vassios, Vasileios Delimaras, Kyriakos Tsiakmakis and Maria S. Papadopoulou

Liquid filling measuring system with variable flow

Vassilis Vassios, Argyrios T. Hatzopoulos, Ioannis Intzes and Dimitrios Papakostas

Parametric Fault Detection of Analog Circuits by utilizing the Fundamental RMS of the Supply Current Fluctuation